Port authorities in international perspective

Increasingly, port development is no longer done by public sector agencies, such as publicly owned port authorities and departments of transport. Because of limited resources of the public sector as well as increasing awareness of the disadvantages of public sector led port development, private port development initiatives increasingly emerge. This trend leads to an increasingly international ‘market’ for port development. Various companies aim to act as private port development companies, including terminal operators as well as port authorities. One of the leading port authorities in this respect is Port of Rotterdam Authority, a corporatized state-owned company, responsible for the development of Rotterdam’s port complex.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoR) wants to develop in partnership a number of foreign ports with growth potential. The Port of Rotterdam wants to add value through their knowledge and experience, expecting to strengthen customer relationships and expand the international network as a result. This network is expected to be valuable for the development of ‘homebase’ Rotterdam, through increased connectivity of PoR with leading international companies, through creating opportunities for Dutch companies in ports abroad, and through more trade between foreign countries where PoR is active (e.g. Oman) and the Netherlands.

In order to setup a participation and to be able develop a port, a proper understanding of the “local situation” is necessary. This case consists of five parts that are required in setting up a port development project in a target country: a market analysis, analysis of supply chains, trends & developments and port competition, stakeholder analysis, develop a port vision & master planning, developing a business case to determine the investment potential.

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